My new website

01 Apr 2023


Hey there, welcome to my new website! After messing around with redesigns for the last two years, I finally got my act together and relaunched it with a new design and a focus shift towards posting regular content. I’m hoping that this change pushes me to write more about the things I learn on my web development journey, as well as share my general thoughts on life.

Goals for the site

My main goal for this site is to increase the amount of content I create and put out into the world. Most of my working days are spent building projects for clients, and along the way, I'm constantly learning new and interesting things. However, these learnings usually just end up stored in my head, with the occasional contribution on Stack Overflow. Since I spend considerable time learning, it feels wasteful not to record it. Going forward, my aim is to share these learnings in a more permanent and refined manner on this blog. This will also serve as a good reference for my future self when I inevitably need to use something that I learned a year prior and have forgotten.

Credit where it’s due

I have to acknowledge the inspiration I took from seeing Josh Comeau’s great website, he’s an excellent writer and teacher and I’ve learnt a lot from reading his blog over the last year or two.

The nerdy stuff

For those who are interested in the technical side of things, I used the following tools to create this site:

  • Framework: NextJS 18 (no app directory yet)
  • Language: Typescript
  • Styling: Tailwind ❤️
  • Animations: Framer Motion (for page transitions)
  • Database: PlanetScale + Prisma (for keeping track of post likes)
  • Content: MDX Files
  • Hosting: Vercel

I have a handful of other ideas to extend this site over time, but for now that’s it, nice and simple!

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