Website Go Live checklist

01 Apr 2023Tools

This is my "Go Live" checklist that I use when building websites to make sure I haven't forgetten anything. The checklist isn't for the process of building the website, but rather for confirming that all the important stuff (security, performance etc.) have been sorted out before the site goes live to the public.


  • All dynamic output is escaped
  • All input is sanitised correctly
  • SSL certificate is configured
  • Software and plugins are up to date
  • Backups system is working
  • 404 error page is created


  • Images are optimised and correct size
  • Static assets are bundled and minified
  • Lighthouse scores are looking good


  • Buttons and links have focus styles
  • Images have correct alt labels
  • Icon buttons have titles attributes
  • Headers are in the correct order (h1 -> h2 -> h3)


  • Pages have meta titles and descriptions
  • Analytics scripts are added
  • Sitemap submitted to Google search console
  • Search engine indexing is allowed (robots.txt)
  • Copy has been proofread


  • Privacy Policy page exists
  • Consent popup blocks cookies and scripts


  • Forms have recaptcha and or honeypot
  • Forms have all been tested
  • SMTP or Mail Service is configured
  • Email sending has been test (including to address on different server)


  • Uptime monitoring is enabled
  • Tested on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Android & IOS


  • Wordpress is up to date
  • Unused themes and plugins have been removed
  • Debug mode is disabled and error logs deleted
  • Admin user is not 'admin' and has a strong password
  • Sensative custom post types and users are not publicly accessible (including from api endpoints)


  • Checkout has recaptcha enabled
  • Payment gateway is configured and tested
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